Landing in the Metaverse

The United World Foundation (UWF) was originally established in 1993 as a basis for the Peace 2000 Institute and the Peace 2000 Network setup in 1995.

UWF is now being organized as a crypto foundation in Iceland to advance this work into the metaverse and introduce the VALLO token as a catalyst to build bridges between the real word and the new virtual reality.


Why Iceland?

Iceland as been chosen as the home of the UWF because of it’s unique history, political and economic stability. In the year 1000 at the Icelandic Althing now the oldest democratic assembly on the planet and often called the cradle of modern democracy, the Vikings agreed to lay down arms, renounce violence and embrace peace. There has been almost an uninterrupted era of peace in Iceland since this day – for a thousand years!

Foundation Programs and Associates

Peace 2000 Institute

The Peace 2000 is a non profit organization with associates in more than 40 countries. Peace 2000 has several times flown humanitarian aid to children in war torn areas. The organization has been active in activism for peace by producing TV infomercials against violence, assisting volunteers and human shields in war areas, and by presenting the Leif Eiriksson Peace Award.

Peace Ambassador

As an Peace Ambassador you become a part of a growing international network of people from academic, business and civil society that wish to bring about a more peaceful world with responsible action, communication, education and training.

Reykjavik Peace Center

The Reykjavik Peace Center Ambassador Club House is operated by the Peace 2000 Iceland society (Fridur 2000 Island) for accommodating Peace Ambassadors and peace loving people from all over the world.


Working on solutions for a clean environment. Driving green for the environment with new innovations in solar powered vehicles. Introducing new solar technology for business and domestic use. Bio degradable plastic free solutions for packaging and catering industries.

Mirpuri Foundation

Mirpuri Foundation partners with governments, businesses, communities and individuals to address a range of projects in Aerospace and Medical Research, Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Performing Arts and Social Responsibility.

VALLO Metaverse

The UWF is launching the VALLO token incorporating a Verified Avatar Personality giving Peace Ambassadors access to voting participation and beneficial access in the Real World and in the Metaverse.  Games, events, travel accommodation, seats on private jets and airliners, cars, boats, golfing, ethical business opportunities and more.

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Founded in 1993

The United World Foundation was originally setup in the UK in 1993 by Thor Magnusson, founder of Iceland's first creditcard company (Eurocard/Mastercard).

Humanitarian Awards

Peace 2000 Institute and it's founder Icelandic Presidential Candidate Thor Magnusson were awarded humanitarian awards by the Gandhi Foundation and the Greek Orthodox Church at the nomination of UNESCO.

Forward Vision

The United World Foundation is offering forward thinking people and organizations the opportunity to unite in a global mission to bridge the Real World with the new Virtual Reality Metaverse for the benefit of humanity.

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